Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael & Co.


We are more than meets the eye.

Since 1995, BFMM has been a proud member of RSM US Alliance, a premier affiliation of independent accounting and consulting firms in the United States, with more than 75 members in over 38 states, the Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico. We accepted an invitation to become a member of RSM US Alliance because it is a natural fit with our commitment to our clients and our determination to stay at the forefront of developments affecting accounting and consulting firms today.

As a member of the RSM US Alliance, we have access to the resources, experience and professional knowledge base of an international company while never forgetting our local roots and clients. When a client has the need, we can take advantage of over  38,000 professionals in 120 countries (including 86 US offices). Needless to say we have the ability to work with you whether your needs are local, regional, national or international.  So no client is too small or too big at BFMM.

Our membership in RSM US Alliance has elevated our capabilities in the marketplace, helping to differentiate our firm from the competition while allowing us to maintain our independence and entrepreneurial culture. We have access to a valuable peer network of like-sized firms as well as a broad range of technical tools, expertise and practice management resources.

We draw on our multinational knowledge to implement cross-border tax strategies relevant to both your company and your stakeholders. Our solutions are actionable, cost-effective and pragmatic.

No matter what the task, our standards are comprehensive, formally defined, carefully monitored and standard throughout  RSM US Alliance.

If and when your business needs take you out of state, region, or the country, remember BFMM is right here in your backyard ready to help.