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Business taxes are more
than filling out forms.

The more we can align a tax strategy to a business strategy the better off our client will be. Of course it would be easy for us to take a cookie-cutter approach to corporate taxes. But what’s easy for us isn’t necessarily right for our clients. We believe a tax strategy should be as unique as a client’s business strategy. That’s why our tax experts stay in close contact with each client and draw on in-depth tax experience to minimize clients’ federal and state tax obligations.

Our Business Tax Expertise Includes

Due Diligence

When a client is in the market to buy or sell a business, a due diligence review at the federal and state tax level is a must.  No one likes the surprises when buying or selling a business. We help minimize them.

Credits and Incentives

These days cities and towns work hard to keep existing business and attract new ones. We make sure our clients receive all the tax credits and incentives due them.

Cost Segregation Studies

We have staff segregation experts who take an “engineering approach” that identifies assets that qualify for shorter depreciable lives enabling an increase in cash flow on past, present and future projects. This can result in financial benefits, whether it’s purchased, built or expanded real estate.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Tax implications associated with an acquisition, merger, sale or liquidation can be considerable. We help clients structure complex transactions that work to their advantage.

Research and Development Tax Credits

Improving products and processes can result in significant savings for a company. Our experienced tax professionals work with key personnel to identify and document eligible research expenditures.

State and Local Tax Planning

State and local tax laws are constantly changing. Companies that do business in multiple states don’t have time to keep up with these changes. But we do. We are on top of changing, new and pending state and local tax laws so our clients can concentrate on their businesses. We make sure our clients know about any law, credit or exemption that will impact their company, no matter how small or obscure. We help our clients prepare for the scrutiny of tax authorities. There are no surprises.