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Personal taxes are more than
taking a bunch of deductions.

The tax-saving methods available today are more numerous than ever before. Strategies centered on investments, children, education and retirement can significantly reduce personal income tax liability. But often what works for one individual may not work for another. At BFMM, we don’t make assumptions. We look at the total picture — business assets, investment funds and personal situation. Whether a client is starting a family or preparing for college, venturing into a new business or nearing retirement, our approach centers on their unique needs. We work with our clients to find the most viable tax strategies to reduce tax liabilities and grow assets.

Our Personal Tax Expertise Includes:

Personal Tax Planning and Preparation

Many factors come into play when determining personal tax obligations. Smart planning and timing can reduce liabilities. At BFMM, we analyze every client’s personal situation and compare tax-saving methods to optimize their tax position.

Estate and Gift Tax Preparation and Planning

Estate and gift planning are now more important than ever. With an eye on Congress and a complete understanding of current rules, BFMM develops a strategy that meets immediate and future needs.

Charitable Giving

Both a client and his/her favored charity can benefit greatly through savvy charitable giving. Our tax professionals help develop the most advantageous plan, whether it's through timing of contributions or the establishment of a charitable trust.

Education Planning

The cost of higher education is climbing at a record pace. Fortunately, many savings programs can help with future costs. Look to BFMM for tax-advantaged strategies to make education plans a reality.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning vehicles can provide excellent opportunities to lower tax burdens. BFMM's tax professionals analyze a client’s current situation to help reduce taxes through deductible contributions and tax-deferred growth.

Each stage of life impacts a person’s tax position. Don't get caught unprepared. A BFMM tax professional can identify strategies geared to achieving long-term goals. We also provide personal financial services that can help chart an overall course.

Business Succession Planning

For many business owners the business is most likely their biggest asset—and biggest concern. BFMM's experience with business and family issues gives us the knowledge to guide individuals through the succession planning process. The solutions we propose are always as unique as the situation, business and individual we are working with.